Commercial Disclosure

Pedro E. S. Oliveira

3 chome, Nagao, Jonan Ward, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-Ken, Japan


Pedro Elton

The packages DO NOT include host or any subscription related to host or anything else, only the services of design, development, consulting, strategy and management.

The additional fees are

We don’t accept returns, since it’s a service not a product. Once the payment is done, we will use part of it to cover part of the costs with plugins to build the websites and online stores. So once the payment is done, the only way to get a refund is the payment was duplicated or done in the wrong amount (more than the value we charge). 

Delivery times vary according to each project. We start with 5 days; however, if the website is more complex and customized, it may take more time.

The delivery time starts counting from the date the client provides us with the assets (images, logo, etc.) and we confirm that we are starting. It doesn’t count from the payment day.

We use Stripe to accept credit cards and other payment methods. But if the client is located in Japan and wants to use Pay Pay, Line Pay or Back Deposit or Cash, we also accept it.

The payments are accepted in advance, and we only start the project once the payment is confirmed.

For larger projects (more than US$2,000.00), we accept 50% before and 50% after the project is delivered.

**Note that changes in the initial scope of the project are not included in the budget and can be charged separately.

Our prices can change depending the project complexity.

Our promotional packages can end at any time without previous advice.

We charge a minimum of US$1,250 for a website, and US$1,750 for online stores, but in special dates, we offer a huge discount of more than 90% OFF.

For social media management and blog copy writing with SEO-Optimization, we charge a minimum of US$30 per post or article or a fixed US$500 per month for a package of 31 days of posts (53% OFF).